Picture Doodles

Invasion Not Imminent – A5 Booklet

Invasion Not Imminent is a 50 plus page booklet of various doodles from my sketchbooks.
Contact me if you think you would like a copy. I print them at home on 100g shiny paper with a stiff card cover, all lovingly kept together by two quality metal staples. £4 will buy you a copy plus a quid fifty postage in UK. If you don’t want to pay as much postage, the book is a fiver with fifty pence postage. Sample doodles below.

All Those Ghastly Cavities – CD Lyric sheet insert

No Nuts, No Sprinkles by All Those Ghastly Cavities.


Collections – acrylic on canvas

Commando Colouring

I found a big book of Commando stories and had some fun colouring them in. Original pages for sale or could be made as bespoke greeting cards. Not quite sure of the copyright issues on this, if anyone can inform me before I go too far that would be appreciated.

Doodle Consequences

I have recently rediscovered the sheer joy of playing picture consequences with family and friends.